West Region Soccer New Brunswick

For players to develop and improve, coaches are vital in assisting the development and provide a great enjoyable learning experience for any soccer player. The main reasons repeatedly given by players who choose to stay or leave a club is the quality of coaching. Hence the West Region Soccer believes that investing in Coach Education and Coach's Professional Development will help to ensure that the players will receive high quality coaching from qualified coaches.

Current Coach Education initiatives are: 
  • Delivering CSA Coaching Certification Courses
  • Coaches Workshops
  • Coach Mentorship Program
  • Training Session Plans for Club Coaches
  • Monthly Coaches Newsletter
CSA Coaching Certification Courses 

CSA Coaching Certification Programs have various levels to assist with grassroots to elite coaches to gain appropriate coaching qualifications. The following are certification courses that available:
  • Community Coach Children (Club Level)
  • Community Coach Youth (Club Level)
  • Community Coach Senior (Club Level)
  • B License (Provinciall & National Level)
  • A License (National Level)
 WRS Coach Education Department offers the Community Coach Certification courses.

Coaches Workshops 

The Coaches Workshop is designed to offer ideas, new training sessions and latest best coaching practice to all Recreational and Competitive coaches. It is part of the coaches continues professional development.
 More material can be absorbed and remembered in a two-hour session than in a one or two day course. The more that a coach can remember, the more the coach can later apply to their training sessions.

Coach Mentorship Program 

The Coach Mentorship Program is an opportunity for any interested coaches who want to further their learning and development as coaches. The methods in which this mentorship program would be implemented are:
  • Observing training sessions of top coaches
  • Regional Technical Director attends training sessions and providing feedback and assistance
Training Session Plans for Club Coaches 

As many coaches at volunteers many are new to the soccer or are still learning the game. Hence the Regional Technical Director will design training sessions each week for U8 – U18 Recreational Coaches and email it out at the beginning of each week and post it on the website as well.

Monthly Coaches Newsletter

Each month a monthly coaches newsletter will be published with latest news and updates on coach education programs, player development programs, various club events, article from the RTD, guest coaches, contribution from grassroots coaches, training exercises and other odd ball information.