West Region Soccer New Brunswick


The Coaches Workshop is designed to offer ideas, new training sessions and latest best coaching practice to all Recreational and Competitive coaches. It is part of the coaches continues professional development. This is NOT a certification course.

More material can be absorbed and remembered in a two-hour session than in a one or two day course. The more that a coach can remember, the more he/she can later apply.

The coaches will receive handouts on all sessions that were presented at the Workshops and will also be available on the website. The handouts will be a great coaching resource and will allow coaches to develop their own coaching portfolio.

Coaches attending the Workshops are required to bring a change of clothes and cleats as they will be required to partake in the presentations.

For further information or interested in registering for the Coaches Workshops please contact Regional Director Boggy Itoafa boggy.itoafa@westregionsoccernb.org.


2013 is a very exciting year for Soccer in New Brunswick. The Technical Development Plan for Soccer in the province sets out a series of specific goals and objectives to grow and improve the game at all levels.

One of our main objectives is to increase the number of trained and certified coaches at all levels of the Game based on the CSA’s new Long Term Players Development Model. From the Grassroots to elite levels every player deserves high quality coaching. A series of new programs will be introduced to our players, and these programs will be supported by a variety of coaching courses.

The Grassroots Passion for Soccer (GPS) program is designed to offer, free of charge, 2-hour coaching workshops to introduce soccer coaching to volunteer parent coaches working with young players (3 to 10 years). In 2012, 702 coaches benefited from our Grassroot coaching programs.

The introduction of the Regional Academies will provide our coaches with a network for interaction among each other and learn more about the game. The Regional academies will be the vehicle for implementation of the Mentorship program to help our coaches to get better and be ready to pass their licenses.

There is a more focussed approach to keep our coaches updated and informed through the implementation of the Long Term Player Development. At our annual Coaching Symposium, we were very happy to have attracted quality professional coaches and soccer experts to share their experiences with coaches from across the Province.

We need to continue to build on the efforts already going on and work hard to develop the content in the coaching courses and design programs appropriate for our coaching community.