West Region Soccer New Brunswick

To better assist recreational coaches in the West Region, the West Region Soccer Association Technical Department has posted age-specific session plans as set out in the Canadian Soccer Association's Long-Term Player Development model.  Active Start is for players aged 4-6 years, while FUNdamentals is for players aged 8-10 years.

For coaches coaching Competitive club teams (Division 1 and Premiership) the WRSA Technical Department has developed Coaching Activities Session Manuals that are divided into the following categories: Defending, Attacking, Warm-Up, Shooting and Possession. The Manuals are to offer ideas for coaches to use in their training sessions.

All sections are username and password protected. Coaches will receive the username and password from their clubs prior to the season. All documents are in PDF version, and therefore coaches require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the document. Coaches can download and print the documents.

CSA Active Start Coaching Session Plans (U4-U6)
Session 1               Session 7
Session 2               Session 8
Session 3               Session 9
Session 4               Session 10
Session 5               Session 11
Session 6               Session 12

CSA FUNdamentals Session Plans (U8-U10)

Session 1                Session 6

Session 2                Session 7

Session 3                Session 8

Session 4                Session 9

Session 5                Session 10