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DocumentWInter Academy HandbookAll you need to know about this winter academy program
The West Region Soccer Association Winter Academy Program focuses on player-centred, long-term development and ability-based program.  The program meets 3 main objectives:

• It caters to players at every ability level (recreational and competitive).
• It adds value to the soccer experience through a professional approach emphasized by coaches to players and parents.
• It focuses on long-term player development rather than winning and short-term goals.

The WRSA Winter Academy is open for all players from U8- U18 (male and female) at all levels (recreational and competitive).
The program will meet the needs of:

• Players at different levels of skills and ability
• Players that are at different stages of learning

The commitment for participation in the program is 2 training sessions a week and 1 league game (starting in the new year).  All sessions and league games will take place at the BMO Dome at UNB.  There will also be 2-3 regional tournaments sheduled by Soccer New Brunswick.

This program takes a professional approach and therefore all sessions will be staffed by highly qualified and certified coaches. All WRSA Winter Academy coaching staff subscribe to the CSA's long-term player development philosophy.

The plan in the near future is that every six weeks, a training match would be scheduled to allow players to integrate what they have learned at training into a game situation. It will also allow the coaching staff to evaluate the players' learning and development over the course of the program. The training match is an evaluation tool for both players and coaches with no pressures of winning or losing, but where continued monitoring of learning and development processes are taking place. This plan is currently being developed.

For further detailed and in-depth information on the program view the Handbook.